Automotive Diagnosis: Analysis Swift 1.3L engine easy to turn off the car driving

Symptom: one in September 2010 to buy a 1.3L Changan Suzuki Swift sedan (manual transmission), total mileage of about 22,000 km, the engine in motion easily appear automatically turn off the fault, starting immediately after the flame, engine can not start the machine, but if the vehicle is placed 1h ~ 2h before the start, they can start the machine.

Troubleshooting: First connect the obd2 scanners to read fault codes, trouble code is stored. Start the engine test, the engine is running normally, the failure does not occur again. Then on the car road test. Normal driving the car approximately 9km situation appears not on speed, followed by the engine automatically and slowly died. According to the slow moving engine flameout phenomenon, then check the fuel pressure and found no fuel pressure. Turn the ignition switch in the ON position, the fuel pump is not working at the moment about 25, measuring R02 fuel pump wire connector terminals 3, it had no 12V voltage. Required to measure the fuel pump relay connector E35, grounding resistance between terminals 1 and its normal; terminal voltage terminals 2 and 3 of the supply voltage, normal; terminal 4 wires to the engine ECU side connector E23 terminal 15 wire resistance is also within the normal range. Check the fuel pump relay’s work, is good. ECM problem is suspected, causing the fuel pump relay can not control, but after replacing the ECM test, traveling about 20km, the failure occurs again. Failure to capture the situation carefully before suddenly recalled the testing process, took the speaker after the emergence of the failure, whether the speaker cause electromagnetic interference ECM program errors, work disorder it? Upon closer inspection, found the car fitted with electric horn.

Troubleshooting: After dismantling the installation of electric horn, original car ECM refitted, after a long trial, the failure has not re-appeared after the car factory visits as required, confirm the fault is completely resolved.


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