Tesla Model S test drive experience: “insurgents” is too frivolous

Speaking of Tesla, which seems to be nearly two years before fire up the name. In fact Tesla Motors has been established in 2003, from its inception in electric vehicles on the design, production and sales, but not initially identify the market, so in the past 10 years has been at a loss. Until June 2012 the advent of Tesla Model S, Tesla has finally turned around.

Although the market soon, but gains Tesla Model S has numerous awards, surging: 25 best inventions of the year 2012 as “Automobile Magazine” magazine 2013 Car of the Year, “Motor Trend” magazine 2013 Car of the Year, “Time Magazine” of one, “Consumer Report” highest score car title.

In fact, as early as 1941 on pure electric vehicles have been produced in Detroit came out, but let Tesla electric car has been unprecedented attention. Previously there have been many reports of Tesla applauded, it is what can be so fire it, so I went to the Tesla experience center in Palo Alto.

This is a Tesla Model S is the top version P85: it has a maximum power of 310 kilowatts, peak torque of 600 Nm and 85 kWh battery capacity. Close contact with the author’s first impression is: beautiful! Style! It seems that you can see through the Maserati GT supercar figure.

No ugly appearance earlier electric cars, Tesla Model S presents surplus running shape, slender body movement style, simple and dynamic.

Since there is no engine and gearbox, engine compartment location Tesla has become a suitcase.

Next to Model S chassis display: active air suspension, rear wheel drive motor, and with traction and electronic stability systems. Chassis bottom of lithium-ion batteries, can reach about 500 km mileage. Its shell hardened to enhance the strength of the body.

It is a total of five kinds of charging ways: Mobile Connector (ordinary mains socket to charge about 30 hours filled); Single Charger (integrated charger, 10 hours full); Twin Charge (integrated charger, 5 hours full); High Power Wall Connector (wall charger, 5 hours full); Super Charging (Super Charge 1-2 hours filled with piles) hall show is SuperCharging.

I had the honor to get the opportunity to test drive, key Model S looked very sci-fi, flow lines and refined styling. Walked into the car, the keys will command the door handle protruding, and then you can open the door. After the whole car full of sensors, into the cab after a good ride, the car will automatically sense the key to the start.

Into the cab, the most attractive eyes that when the number of 17-inch capacitive touch screen, even bigger than many monitors. On the car console, this is how the visual impact. The screen can control audio, navigation, communications, cabin, vehicle diagnostics and other functions, different screen area is responsible for a different task. All operations are controlled by touch is completed, there is no physical buttons.

I also experience a bit in the control screen control functions: first UI design is very scientific and technological sense, feel fluency reached a level iPad. For example, slide your finger on the screen to control the opening and closing of a panoramic sunroof overhead, just like on the iPhone adjusts screen brightness in general, sliding to a different location sunroof open and correspondingly different degrees. Furthermore suspension adjustment, channel position, traction control, and many other options are also vehicles used the same method.

The features are already implemented electronic and information technology, not only can be directly connected to the Internet, but also all the equipment inside the vehicle is connected to the computer….

Besides the screen itself can be 3G Internet access, you can connect the phone using Bluetooth signals also access the phone, call, using a mobile phone to control vehicle functions. Also has a wireless network signal search function. Applications may also be downloaded. Model S into the Internet interface, implanted Internet services, vehicle smart impressive.

Behind the steering wheel fully electronic instrument panel displays and battery-related traffic information, display speed, energy information and kinetic energy recovery information.

When the car starts, the first feeling is: quiet, very quiet. Turn off the air conditioning and stereo, can hardly hear any sound. Due to abandon the engine, gearbox, gear lever and other devices, the entire interior space is very spacious, with two babies after the rear seats, the entire vehicle can accommodate up to seven people.

Model S is very strong acceleration 0-100 km / h acceleration time of only 5 seconds, with a very strong sense of pushing back and the dynamic response is very sensitive, good sense of the manipulation. I noticed one detail: every time when there will be a release the throttle automatic brake general feeling of sudden deceleration, it was introduced in this work is the power recovery system that helps energy saving, but need some time to adapt, because fluency will be slightly compromised.

Its interior is unsatisfactory. While the Model S interior is also used leather seats and other luxury cars used by the interior, but the decorative details and comfort is equivalent to the price of the inferior Mercedes AMG coupe, maybe this is the Tesla sports car thinking lead. But the interior of the car but was given a relatively mature technology Tesla has done poorly many expectations, which makes a little disappointed. It seems like the ranks of the shelter if Tesla luxury cars, have to be done on.

Back store experience, the author notes that stood Showcase component models in different colors and materials, customers can be any combination, until you get a combination of their own satisfaction, and in order to be personalized.

Also Tesla’s sales model does not use the traditional distribution model cars, instead of using the recent years turned out to O2O mode (offline experience online payment). According to salesperson introduction, after completion of the test drive experience store experience, interested buyers can open Tesla’s official website at home, personalized custom parts, models, DIY car of their own Tesla.

Car sales, the Internet is full of ideas, full of the spirit of Silicon Valley, increasingly people feel smart car charm.

Tesla Model S is quite serious in intelligent vehicle, in addition to the driver itself, the rest of the controls are intelligent, all controlled by the onboard computer, is impressive. But after all, still have to return to the car to drive, and their driving processes such as shock absorption and comfort, cornering and other aspects, and with the price of models such as the Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW M5 has not small compared to the gap.

But the test drive experience, the biggest bright spot is the Model S vehicle intelligent – touch-screen operation, to achieve electronic and information technology, connect to the Internet, cloud data feedback and intelligent control, which also represents the future of smart development trends of the car, and finally to the ultimate intelligent unmanned forward.

Although intelligent vehicle systems is impressive, but the overall driving experience, in general, because Tesla’s promotion and marketing people had their expectations too high threshold, and therefore did not “amazing” feeling when you actually touch, feel and even Some disappointed. I believe that in order to truly Tesla “subversion” traditional auto industry, there is still a long way to go. “Insurgents” is also a somewhat frivolous.

Intelligent vehicle is still in the early stages of development, some of the underlying technology is not mature. What kind of Internet technology will impact the automotive industry, I am afraid that no one can give a perfect answer. Tesla have to do now is down to earth, Riding. It is, the traditional auto industry after years of development and as “the shoulders of giants,” there are still many places worth learning and learning.

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