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What Does The VAS 5054A Support?

VAS 5054A is a very common-used excellent vehicle diagnostic scanner, and the highlights of this one is that it has the OKI Chip and it can support UDS protocol, also it has added new car models Bentley and Lamborghini. Now let’s see what does the VAS 5054A support.

First please remember the Requirements of VAS 5054A V2.0 Computer Windows System :

Windows System Language: American English;

Windows XP(xp2/xp3);

System C:// have to be NTFS format;

C:// need to have at least 40GB space for installing VAS5054A.

This VAS 5054A supports Bluetooth + USB versions:

1.If you wanna access via Bluetooth: After you set up a connection to the VAS 5054A,the Bluetooth software will provide a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The Diagnostic Base System uses this COM port to communicate with the VAS 5054A. You need to specify this port when you install the diagnostic application.

2.You can also connect the VAS 5054A to the application PC by using the supplied USB cable.If you wanna access via USB: Windows detects the VAS 5054A through Plug and Play, and automatically installs the drivers copied when you installed the diagnostic application. Setup of the VAS 5054A is then complete and the device is ready for use by the diagnostic application.

VAS 5054A supports following vehicle bus systems:

K line (ISO9141-2);

High-speed CAN (ISO 11898-2);

Low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3);

J1850 (SAE J1850);

Last,what I wanna notice you is that VAS 5054A hardware supports online coding, but the software doesn’t support online coding, it needs to use VW dealer’s software.


Automotive Diagnosis: Analysis Swift 1.3L engine easy to turn off the car driving

Symptom: one in September 2010 to buy a 1.3L Changan Suzuki Swift sedan (manual transmission), total mileage of about 22,000 km, the engine in motion easily appear automatically turn off the fault, starting immediately after the flame, engine can not start the machine, but if the vehicle is placed 1h ~ 2h before the start, they can start the machine.

Troubleshooting: First connect the obd2 scanners to read fault codes, trouble code is stored. Start the engine test, the engine is running normally, the failure does not occur again. Then on the car road test. Normal driving the car approximately 9km situation appears not on speed, followed by the engine automatically and slowly died. According to the slow moving engine flameout phenomenon, then check the fuel pressure and found no fuel pressure. Turn the ignition switch in the ON position, the fuel pump is not working at the moment about 25, measuring R02 fuel pump wire connector terminals 3, it had no 12V voltage. Required to measure the fuel pump relay connector E35, grounding resistance between terminals 1 and its normal; terminal voltage terminals 2 and 3 of the supply voltage, normal; terminal 4 wires to the engine ECU side connector E23 terminal 15 wire resistance is also within the normal range. Check the fuel pump relay’s work, is good. ECM problem is suspected, causing the fuel pump relay can not control, but after replacing the ECM test, traveling about 20km, the failure occurs again. Failure to capture the situation carefully before suddenly recalled the testing process, took the speaker after the emergence of the failure, whether the speaker cause electromagnetic interference ECM program errors, work disorder it? Upon closer inspection, found the car fitted with electric horn.

Troubleshooting: After dismantling the installation of electric horn, original car ECM refitted, after a long trial, the failure has not re-appeared after the car factory visits as required, confirm the fault is completely resolved.

Volkswagen Passat B5 automatic transmission does not shift

A mileage of about about 120,000 km, automatic transmission configuration 01V B52.8L Passat sedan. The car can not shift automatic transmission due to plant maintenance. After receiving the car: the road test and found that the car is always locked in 4th gear. Read diagnostic trouble codes using 5054a found P0753N88 switch or circuit breaker connected to the solenoid valve poor and can not afford to clear. In 01V automatic transmission, a total of seven solenoid valves, wherein N88, N89, N90 of the switching solenoid valve, N215, N216, N217, N218 of the linear solenoid valve, N215 main oil pressure regulator valve, N218 is the torque converter lock stop control solenoid valve, N216 and N217 solenoid valves control the C and G brakes brakes, while switching solenoid valve N88, N89, N90 by logical combination to control the other clutches and brakes. Can be clearly seen from the table, when all the solenoid valves do not work, the automatic transmission is locked in fourth gear. Based fault codes tips on N88 solenoid valves and circuits. N88 solenoid valve coil resistance is around 30a, from the ECU to the solenoid valve harness resistance is 0.10, but not on the ground or shorted to the cathode, is still the problem of N88 solenoid valve harness? Later, the N88 and N90 solenoid valve solenoid valve reversed, the fault persists. Line is not unusual, the solenoid valve is not a problem, is it a problem ECU (J217) of? Finally, replace the J217, after re-encoding match, failure to completely ruled out. It seems that the failure was due to the negative line N88 solenoid valve open circuit occurs in the ECU control circuit triggered Ground fault codes, because N88 solenoid valve does not work properly, thus affecting the normal shift automatic transmission, the transmission ECU had to be Lock Control, to prevent transmission damage.

FAW-Volkswagen Magotan instrument EPC lights overhaul Case Analysis

Fault representation: A 2009 models FAW – Volkswagen Magotan sedan 1.8TSI, say users, speeding up the road in the car bad, EPC warning lamp lights up on the exterior. Failure analysis: The use of fault diagnosis instrument VAS 5051 testing, the engine control unit stores the fault code 08852 (fuel pressure regulating valve N276 open circuit), the fault code is a permanent failure, can not be eradicated. Fuel pressure reading data stream 01-08-140 Group 3 area, appeared at idle is 700kPa, and standardized value should be around 4MPa, the results illustrate the detection system can not establish a high-pressure fuel. Volkswagen PQ46 channel selection Magotan sedan equipped with electronic fuel injection engine, fuel is installed on the high pressure fuel pump through the pressure conditioner N276 to recuperate. In the injection process, based on the engine control unit calculates the starting point of supply to the fuel pressure control valve N276 to send commands to make it pull, at the moment the needle needle stretched spring force to overcome the forward movement, the inlet valve in the stretched spring is closed under the force. Followed by the upward movement of the piston pump, the hydraulic pump chamber to establish when the pump chamber is higher than the hydraulic oil in the fuel rail, forcing the valve open, the fuel will be pumped into the fuel rail. Constitute a stable high-pressure fuel pressure in the fuel rail pressure sensor and to identify the signal to the engine control unit, after reading the data stream 01-08-140 Group 3 zones show we can analyze the pressure hypertension is not a normal build. Based on the above analysis of the process of establishing high-pressure fuel, resulting in high-pressure fuel supply system can not establish a cause includes: camshaft drive equipment damage, high pressure booster pump failure, electronically controlled high pressure booster pump and engine control unit fault line fault. But contact pressure regulating valve fault code hints N276 circuit, it is necessary to fulfill the primary VAS5051 components through self-diagnosis function on the N276 line fuel pressure regulating valve quiz, find fulfillment in contact when measured from diagnosis N276 shell without any repercussions, but also not heard by the engine control unit according to a certain frequency manipulation pull the “click” sound, from the moment of diagnosis interface VAS5051 show closed loop system activation and fulfillment. So start the engine control unit to determine the presence of manipulation can not fault, the fault should be locked in the N276 fulfillment lines. N276 based conditioner control circuit, conditioner N276 total two terminals. Job control T2gz / 2 terminal to the terminal of the engine control unit T60ya/19, to withstand manipulation unit; T2gz / 1 SB17 fuse terminals through the high pressure pump control relay adapter J49 engine 87 feet from the power supply for the main relay signal. DTC then contact tips can analyze the reasons included: N276 internal circuit breaker; N276’s T2gz / 2 terminal to the engine control unit T60ya/19 circuit breaker between the terminals; N276’s T2gz / 1 terminal to the engine high-pressure pump control relays J49 87-pin circuit breaker between the terminals; J49 relay their own circuit breaker; J49 peripheral power supply circuit breaker.Buy cheap and quality vas 5054a on obd2works Unplug the wiring harness connector N276 to T2gz / 1 for the measurement point detection when burning conditions for the normal engine control waveform negative trigger waveform, which is between the N276 wireless clarify the T2gz / 2 terminal to the engine control unit T60ya/19 terminal road circuit representation. To N276 of T2gz / 1 terminal point of measurement, testing without burning conditions in the supply voltage, which can be inferred N276 power supply circuit presents a circuit failure. Measuring the high-pressure pump control relay J49 87 feet of the terminal to N276 T2gz / 2 foot line is normal, it is possible to conclude that the fault is internal or the external power relay J49 reason. In the middle of the detection relay J49, 30 measure the normal supply voltage terminal 85 by the pin from the main relay control SB23, measured normal to the power supply 15. Further manipulation of the coil resistance measurement J49 relay (85 feet and 86 feet) of 82Ω, cf norms resistance is normal, the normal start testing components, but the lack of electricity power lines. In order to pursue this issue, open relay housings, gear survey in the incineration of two relay contacts to fulfill client does not pull clarify the relay coil control when operating inside virtual connection can not supply the required performance of the loop pull closing force. Replace J49 relays, fault code 08852 can be eradicated. At the moment then use VAS5051 quiz function, into the engine system components to perform self-diagnosis N276, N276 can hear frequencies in accordance definitely pull of “clicks” to clarify the engine control unit to control the rehabilitation of the normal high-pressure booster pump, now reads fuel pressure at idle 140 jobs for the group appeared 4MPa, thorough treatment failure so far. Repair Summary: Needs to clarify that, with respect to Magotan sedan, the fuel can not establish a high-pressure high-pressure booster pump failures are basically caused by internal mechanical failure, which is usually the pump piston is catching only point I can not be quite camshaft cylinder through Useful trip lever drive, then not required to establish the appropriate hydraulic injection. Engine control unit monitors the operation of hydraulic scale values ​​of tolerance, then summed for high pressure booster pump without electronic control circuit fault code identifying the logical analysis, and therefore will show fault code 08851 (fuel pressure regulating valve N276 mechanical failure) fault code storage . And in this case due to the associated control circuit breaker, resulting in a fault code stored in 08852, we can see the same appearance, but the causes of failure, but worlds apart, which prompted our failure in the maintenance of electrical control, we must abide by all the confirmed detection processes analysis, targeted to deal with failure to prevent the empirical errors.our shop obd2works.com supply VAS 5054A

Tesla Model S test drive experience: “insurgents” is too frivolous

Speaking of Tesla, which seems to be nearly two years before fire up the name. In fact Tesla Motors has been established in 2003, from its inception in electric vehicles on the design, production and sales, but not initially identify the market, so in the past 10 years has been at a loss. Until June 2012 the advent of Tesla Model S, Tesla has finally turned around.

Although the market soon, but gains Tesla Model S has numerous awards, surging: 25 best inventions of the year 2012 as “Automobile Magazine” magazine 2013 Car of the Year, “Motor Trend” magazine 2013 Car of the Year, “Time Magazine” of one, “Consumer Report” highest score car title.

In fact, as early as 1941 on pure electric vehicles have been produced in Detroit came out, but let Tesla electric car has been unprecedented attention. Previously there have been many reports of Tesla applauded, it is what can be so fire it, so I went to the Tesla experience center in Palo Alto.

This is a Tesla Model S is the top version P85: it has a maximum power of 310 kilowatts, peak torque of 600 Nm and 85 kWh battery capacity. Close contact with the author’s first impression is: beautiful! Style! It seems that you can see through the Maserati GT supercar figure.

No ugly appearance earlier electric cars, Tesla Model S presents surplus running shape, slender body movement style, simple and dynamic.

Since there is no engine and gearbox, engine compartment location Tesla has become a suitcase.

Next to Model S chassis display: active air suspension, rear wheel drive motor, and with traction and electronic stability systems. Chassis bottom of lithium-ion batteries, can reach about 500 km mileage. Its shell hardened to enhance the strength of the body.

It is a total of five kinds of charging ways: Mobile Connector (ordinary mains socket to charge about 30 hours filled); Single Charger (integrated charger, 10 hours full); Twin Charge (integrated charger, 5 hours full); High Power Wall Connector (wall charger, 5 hours full); Super Charging (Super Charge 1-2 hours filled with piles) hall show is SuperCharging.

I had the honor to get the opportunity to test drive, key Model S looked very sci-fi, flow lines and refined styling. Walked into the car, the keys will command the door handle protruding, and then you can open the door. After the whole car full of sensors, into the cab after a good ride, the car will automatically sense the key to the start.

Into the cab, the most attractive eyes that when the number of 17-inch capacitive touch screen, even bigger than many monitors. On the car console, this is how the visual impact. The screen can control audio, navigation, communications, cabin, vehicle diagnostics and other functions, different screen area is responsible for a different task. All operations are controlled by touch is completed, there is no physical buttons.

I also experience a bit in the control screen control functions: first UI design is very scientific and technological sense, feel fluency reached a level iPad. For example, slide your finger on the screen to control the opening and closing of a panoramic sunroof overhead, just like on the iPhone adjusts screen brightness in general, sliding to a different location sunroof open and correspondingly different degrees. Furthermore suspension adjustment, channel position, traction control, and many other options are also vehicles used the same method.

The features are already implemented electronic and information technology, not only can be directly connected to the Internet, but also all the equipment inside the vehicle is connected to the computer….

Besides the screen itself can be 3G Internet access, you can connect the phone using Bluetooth signals also access the phone, call, using a mobile phone to control vehicle functions. Also has a wireless network signal search function. Applications may also be downloaded. Model S into the Internet interface, implanted Internet services, vehicle smart impressive.

Behind the steering wheel fully electronic instrument panel displays and battery-related traffic information, display speed, energy information and kinetic energy recovery information.

When the car starts, the first feeling is: quiet, very quiet. Turn off the air conditioning and stereo, can hardly hear any sound. Due to abandon the engine, gearbox, gear lever and other devices, the entire interior space is very spacious, with two babies after the rear seats, the entire vehicle can accommodate up to seven people.

Model S is very strong acceleration 0-100 km / h acceleration time of only 5 seconds, with a very strong sense of pushing back and the dynamic response is very sensitive, good sense of the manipulation. I noticed one detail: every time when there will be a release the throttle automatic brake general feeling of sudden deceleration, it was introduced in this work is the power recovery system that helps energy saving, but need some time to adapt, because fluency will be slightly compromised.

Its interior is unsatisfactory. While the Model S interior is also used leather seats and other luxury cars used by the interior, but the decorative details and comfort is equivalent to the price of the inferior Mercedes AMG coupe, maybe this is the Tesla sports car thinking lead. But the interior of the car but was given a relatively mature technology Tesla has done poorly many expectations, which makes a little disappointed. It seems like the ranks of the shelter if Tesla luxury cars, have to be done on.

Back store experience, the author notes that stood Showcase component models in different colors and materials, customers can be any combination, until you get a combination of their own satisfaction, and in order to be personalized.

Also Tesla’s sales model does not use the traditional distribution model cars, instead of using the recent years turned out to O2O mode (offline experience online payment). According to salesperson introduction, after completion of the test drive experience store experience, interested buyers can open Tesla’s official website at home, personalized custom parts, models, DIY car of their own Tesla.

Car sales, the Internet is full of ideas, full of the spirit of Silicon Valley, increasingly people feel smart car charm.

Tesla Model S is quite serious in intelligent vehicle, in addition to the driver itself, the rest of the controls are intelligent, all controlled by the onboard computer, is impressive. But after all, still have to return to the car to drive, and their driving processes such as shock absorption and comfort, cornering and other aspects, and with the price of models such as the Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW M5 has not small compared to the gap.

But the test drive experience, the biggest bright spot is the Model S vehicle intelligent – touch-screen operation, to achieve electronic and information technology, connect to the Internet, cloud data feedback and intelligent control, which also represents the future of smart development trends of the car, and finally to the ultimate intelligent unmanned forward.

Although intelligent vehicle systems is impressive, but the overall driving experience, in general, because Tesla’s promotion and marketing people had their expectations too high threshold, and therefore did not “amazing” feeling when you actually touch, feel and even Some disappointed. I believe that in order to truly Tesla “subversion” traditional auto industry, there is still a long way to go. “Insurgents” is also a somewhat frivolous.

Intelligent vehicle is still in the early stages of development, some of the underlying technology is not mature. What kind of Internet technology will impact the automotive industry, I am afraid that no one can give a perfect answer. Tesla have to do now is down to earth, Riding. It is, the traditional auto industry after years of development and as “the shoulders of giants,” there are still many places worth learning and learning.

vas 5054a

Who moved my car to explore the safety car networking

Previously, the car is isolated, physical isolation, and therefore difficult to remote hacker intrusion inside the car computer (ECU), unless physical invasion, and this is the high cost of crime needs. With the Internet’s evolution, when golo3 this car networking products through OBD (On Board Diagnostics) diagnostic socket inside the car ECU networking, remote network attacks by the car is no longer a suspect. It can be predicted that once the popularity of car networking products, cars were attacked on actual cases and more and more will appear.

Just look at the cars on the highway are artificially controlled engine suddenly stalled, will be like a finale? You scared yet?

An OBD diagnostic seat and topology ECU

Before the safety car networking discussed in detail, first we have to understand the next OBD diagnostic seat, below the SAE J1962 standard definition of OBD diagnostic seat:


OBD diagnostic seat is one that contains the female 16pin, pin definitions given in addition to the figure, the other did not give the pin by car manufacturers own definition. ECU different communication protocols may use different pin, KWP (key word protoctol) keyword is used in the 7th protocol pin or 15-pin, the most common 500kbaud of iso15765 protocol (high-speed CAN) uses 6 No pin and 14 pin. OBD diagnostic socket is generally located below the steering wheel, different models may not be the same as the specific location, the following figure shows the specific location of the Toyota Camry 2011 classic version of OBD diagnostic seat:


Next we need to understand the topology between the ECU and the ECU. ECU (Electronic Control Unit) electronic control unit, the popular saying, it is actually used to control the number of records or change the status of the car, or ARM microcontroller chip. Now, there will be general automotive interior dozen to several dozen ranging ECU, ECU different charge different modules, such as the engine control module (PCM) will accept the sensor signal, through complex calculations to control the supply of fuel, Air rationing (electronic throttle), fuel injection and ignition timing, intake air pressure adjustment, but also according to temperature, load, knock, combustion conditions and other factors to determine the compensation control engine. According to different functions, we can put ECU into power, body, chassis, other other categories. The following table lists the high profile of the 2011 classic version of the Camry some ECU module.

In addition to automotive interior ECU, there will be a large number of sensors and actuators and other components, through their joint coordination complex intelligence operations. ECU and then the ECU, ECU and other components is how to communicate it? Topology is as shown between the various components of the vehicle interior

Actual situation more complex than the above figure, there are also differences between the different models, may also occur between the various components are connected directly, the whole principle is about the same, equal to connect all components on the CAN bus. CAN bus with low cost, high bus utilization, physical characteristics and reliable fault tolerance, high-speed transfer rate. It is based on a broadcast format, meaning that any node on the same bus to the bus message, other nodes on the bus can receive the message, then the message according to the head to determine whether a message is sent to their own . Accomplished through a gateway between different baud signal adaptation bus.

OBD II diagnostic socket by what we can do

We know OBD diagnostic seat is designed to be used in automotive diagnostic, it is the only interface to interact with the outside automotive ECU, that we can do auto diagnostic equipment can do, let’s take a look at the diagnostic line with market requirements instrument should have the function:

1 automotive ECU can read information, such as 17 vin code, ECU hardware information.

2 can read the current state of the car, such as current speed, tire pressure and so on.

3 can read fault codes of the car, the car quickly locate the fault location and clear fault codes.

4 cars be able to conduct a pre-set number of actions tests. Such as window lift, etc.

5 In addition to these basic diagnostic functions, may also have the power brush, odometer changes, key match, airbag reset other complex special features.

In addition, we know that the form is based on the CAN bus to transmit the broadcast message and when the message is sent to the CAN bus, the ECU receives this message is unable to determine from which node the message is sent, i.e., the message does not contains the source address or destination address, the message header is just an identifier, ECU is only based on the identifier to identify whether it is sent to their own. This design flaw will naturally lead to message forgery and spoofing attacks. OBD diagnostic seat as a node on the bus, not only to monitor the CAN bus at the news, but also to forge a message (such as sensor messages) to deceive the ECU, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the state of the car behavior.

Taking these two cases, we can put a message on the CAN bus is divided into the following two categories:

1 message communication between diagnostic and automotive ECU called a diagnostic message.

2 messages for communication between automotive interior components called inside information.

Any kind of message sequence defined above by carefully constructed bus, a malicious attacker could change state sent to the car.

Here you can enumerate the consequences brought about several attacks and attacks. For example, a malicious attacker can send a message through a sequence of body systems to unlock car doors and trunk, so as to achieve the purpose of stealing property owners; another example, an attacker can construct a sequence of messages sent to the OBD diagnostic seat to force the vehicle to run on high-speed turn off the engine, so as to achieve the purpose of the car crash.

Three ways to attack the car networking

An element of any communication between the elements and the OBD car from the cloud server networking products, mobile APP, a box of three basic elements, attack them, are able to drive networking devastating blow. I include here a few points:

1. Diagnostic data logic invasion cloud service side, the service side of tampering, to change the behavior of the car purpose

2. Informed communication logic between the phone and the box APP through reverse engineering, pseudo-vehicle networking products resulting sequence of messages sent to mobile phone APP box malicious.

3 attacks via WIFI, Bluetooth communication channels and so on….

VAS 5054a

Something About The VAS 5054A

VAS 5054A is a commonly used diagnostic interface for all vehicles of the VW Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers. Now the newest version has came out–ODIS V2.0,Bluetooth version.It supports multi-language,such as:English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish, Slovenian, Czech, Russian, Greek and Polish.

When using the VAS 5054A,users don’t need to use cables for vehicle diagnostics.The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook, PC or test system. And the wireless Bluetooth connection can range from 2 to 5 meters without interference or blocked, so, to some extent, the exact result depends on the environment and the type of Bluetooth adapter that used on the PC side. Besides,the Serial Port Profile (SPP) is used for data transfer via Bluetooth, it supports different Bluetooth security levels.

About the Specifications of the VAS 5054A, the vehicle protocols are handled directly in the VAS 5054A so that it can make sure fast response times and a reliable real-time behavior independently of the PC operating system. Each time there establishes a connection, the VAS 5054A software will be identified with the version installed on the application PC. The VAS 5054A thus automatically employs all new features that provided after a new software version has been installed on the application PC.The diagnostic application and the associated Diagnostic Base System are all installed on the application PC. And the diagnostic base system can access to the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth or USB.